One of the guiding commandments of our enterprise is: 
Thou Shall Not Use Commodity Coffees. 
This presents a problem to those of us roasters who still want to offer value while not compromising on quality entirely and retaining traceability and integrity throughout the supply chain. One of the only ways to do this is through a trusted direct relationship with a washing station at origin. To this end we have partnered with The Longmiles Coffee Project in Burundi. Ben and his team are focused on producing some very fine Specialty Coffees, however not all coffee cherries will produce beans that stand up to the rigorous grading specifications of Specialty Coffees. This despite them having an inherent bean flavour unique to their origin and forming part of the same farming and processing cycle as their Specialty peers. And this is where value can be achieved…
Please have a look at The Longmiles Coffee Project site to learn more from where our coffee comes from: